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The Mercury Phoenix Trust
The Mercury Phoenix Trust

Freddie Cutting Moustache


Hi everybody!!

Only one day left before Freddie For A Day. While making all the final preparations, unexpectedly enough, the question "Freddie with moustache or without?" became the cause of disagreement with my girlfriend.

When in 1980 Freddie changed his look: got a short haircut, grew a moustache, fans didn't like it. Queen’s offices became flooded with razors and bottles of nail polish from fans.

By the end of 1989 Freddie at last shaved it off.

Even though changing his look in 1980 really wasn't appreciated by Freddie's fans, today his moustache is know to be the most recognised and the most popular around the world.

So, the question is till open...

Freddie with moustache?

Freddie Mercury with moustache - The Works album Freddie Mercury with moustache - Wembley Freddie Mercury with moustache - Album cover


Or without?

Freddie Mercury without moustache - early ages Freddie Mercury without moustache - early on stage Freddie Mercury without moustache - 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives'