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The Mercury Phoenix Trust
The Mercury Phoenix Trust

Stanislav Sagdeyev as Freddie Mercury on 'Freddie For A Day' 2010

So... Freddie For A Day 2010 finished. There's quite a lot of impressions left, which (I guess) aren't only limited to those who actually took part. During the day 'Freddie' managed to visit a lot of public places of Odessa, and the culmination probably  became the unexpected acoustic performance of  "Love Of My Life" in the Odessa City Garden, next to the Utyosov memorial at 7.30 pm. During the day a total sum of 70 Ukrainian Grivnas was gathered (approximately £5) to donate to the Mercury Phoenix Trust. Yeah, it doesn't seem to be a lot. But... maybe this day could be a start of something big.

Really soon you will be able to see here everything I promised - pictures and videos revealing the highlights of the day.