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The Mercury Phoenix Trust
The Mercury Phoenix Trust

Stas, Vita and Sasha in the café: 'That's ridiculous!'And the last thought for today... I mean, it's more like a little funny incident, which, on the other hand, isn't funny at all.

Today, right after the City Garden event, me my girlfriend and Sasha Vitkovskiy headed to the nearest café in order to drink something, all of a sudden my cell phone rang. It was Mr Sokol (the rektor of the Odessa State Music Academy):"Stas, hi. You see, you've been taking pictures of me and you today saying it wal all about HIV/AIDS awareness. Now, somebody just told me this was about some gay demonstation. Is that true?"

Although, usually in such cas people just write no comments, I would so much like to make a comment...

Of course, I told Mr Sokol immediately that all he was told was a lie and everything I were doing today had nothing to do with such nonsense.

And so, I'd like to make an official statement:

Freddie For A Day has got nothing to do with any gay demonstrations, and also doesn't have any political implication.

In order to find answers to other questions I was asked please see the "Questions and answers" section.