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The Mercury Phoenix Trust
The Mercury Phoenix Trust

"I thank you all!"

Stas Sagdeyev in the seaport on his birthday

Friends! Thanks for all of your kind words you left for me on Facebook and vkontakte, and also sent to me personally.

Concerning the 'Freddie For A Day in Odessa' website, I don't think that even if this year FFAD is over it will stop updating. No way!

Firstly, it was the first but not the last FFAD.

Secondly, well... I can only tell you that at the moment something that is somehow connected with Freddie is in work, however, there will be time to tell you. I don't wanna show you something that isn't ready yet.

But be sure - you will always be the first to know the news. It would be even easier to do if you'd  follow me on Twitter.

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I thank you all!

See you soon!